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Vaikunta ekadasi

On December 29, 2017 Sri Srinivas Saligrama Devasthanam Trust grandly celebrated Vaikunta Ekadasi. Festivities began at 2:30 am with Suprabhatha Seva, and continued with Sahasranama Puja, Dhanur Masa Puja, Asthana Seva, Kalyana Utsavam, and concluded at 10 pm with Ekanta Seva. Prasadam was distributed to thousands of pilgrims and annadanam was also offered. Devotees were filled with bliss by the Darshan of the Lord’s enchanting smile and His enrapturing beauty.

Sri Vishnu Deepotsava

On December 3, 2017 Sri Srinivas Saligrama Devasthana grandly celebrated Sri Vishnu Deepotsava festival. In commemoration of Krittika Agni Nakshatram and Pournami occurring on the same day, the entire temple was illuminated with the light of hundreds of earthen lamps. The festivities commenced with Sri Vishvaksena Puja, Punyaha Vachana, and Deepa Lakshmi Puja. Devotees lit lamps throughout the temple and received the blessings of the gracious Sri Saligrama Srinivasa and Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

Maha Mandala Abhishekam

Per the Vaikhanasa Agama, a Maha Mandala Abhishekam is to be conducted 48 days after the completion of a Kumbhabhishekam. This puja was conducted for the purpose of world peace and prosperity and conferred the benefits of witnessing the Kumbhabhishekam itself.  As a part of the Mandala Abhishekam, the Kumbham above the main shrine was worshipped with powerful mantras, and an Abhishekam was performed for all Deities. Additionally, a grand Kalyana Utsavam and Homam were conducted and devotees where blessed with the grace of Sri Saligrama Srinivasa and Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

Maha Kumbhabhishekam

In February 2017 Amma Sri Karunamayi blessed the city of Bengaluru with a unique temple enshrining over 25,000 sacred Saligramas and powerful Shanti Yantras. In order to energize and further sanctify the temple, a grand Kumbhabishekam was performed over a period of four days. The Kumbhabhishekam program included various unique yagnas and special pujas, and concluded with the installation of the main deity, Sri Saligrama Srinivasa. Many lifetimes of Karmas where removed from the devotees who participated in this powerful ceremony.

Ratha Saptami

Special Pujas were conducted for celebrating Ratha Saptami on 24th of January 2018 at Sri Srinivas Saligrama Devasthanam. As the sun rays reached the lotus feet of Lord Srinivasa, a grand Arati was performed. Procession carrying the lord in palanquin was taken out around the temple premises. A special ‘Asthana Seva’ was offered to Swamy with select chants from all the four Vedas recited.

Devotees had a glimpse of the Lord giving ‘Durbar’ in the main temple. The whole ambience had a holy aura and devotees were filled with joy and satisfaction with the opportunity to be a part of the grand spectacle.