In the Mustang district of Nepal, the Gandaki River flows through the village of Saligrama and the Ashrama of Pulaha. The Mukti- natha Kshetram (“place of liberation or salvation”) Temple, presidedover by the main deity, Lord Vishnu, is situated in the village Saligrama between the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain ranges of the Himalayas. The Hari Parvatha mountains are identi-cal forms of Maha Vishnu that overlook the Muktinatha Kshetram. The Gandaki River flows beneath the Hari Parvatha moun- tains in Muktinatha Kshetram. This is understood as the place where Gandaki Mata incarnated as a river on Mother Earth. In ancient times, this area was called Salagiris, due to the forests of sala (trees) within the mountains (giris). The stones found in this region are therefore called ‘Saligramas.’ From the mountains of Hari Paravatham, many stones rolled into the Gandaki River.

Distinguished As Sacred Saligrama

For several years, the devoted Gandaki Mata performed austerities and meditated on Lord Maha Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was moved with her The Saligramas remain in the womb of the Gandaki River for lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of years. Saligramas naturally have their own electro-magnetic field. The Gandaki river preserves the energy that emits naturally from these sacred stones. In addition, during their long and gave His darshan gestation in the Gandaki River’s womb, their powers increase. Saligramas are truly manifested forms of Lord Maha Vishnu on earth. They can only reach the home of true devotee who understand and honor them. Saligramas are unavailable elsewhere in the world . After all Saligramas, are the sons of Mata Gandaki. These are classified according to shape, size, color, opening (dwaras), chakras (natural carvings), lines and patterns. Only a true meditator can see the colorful auras of Saligramas with their inner vision.

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Formation Of Gandaki River And The
birth Of Saligramas


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